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Gördes Recycling GmbH

Ziegelwiese 1b
59909 Bestwig-Ramsbeck

Tel.: 02905-940024
Fax: 02905-940021


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Vehicle park & logistics


We are proud to dispose of a modern and extensive vehicle park. Thereby we can offer to our customers an adaptable and reliable service. According to demand we are able to do our vehicles with special equipment (e.g., Elektostapler, cradle elevating platform trucks, scooter lifts) austatten what enables to us to come also at special customer wishes.



For the collection of the attacking scrap metal / rubbish we offer according to individual customer wishes different bundles / containers:

Grid box alternatively with closeable lid


Paloxen to the collection of old batteries and metal filings


Container of different implementation


Push-firm container, e.g., to the collection of fluorescent lamps