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Gördes Recycling GmbH

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Electronic scrap recycling


By shorter and shorter product life cycles and rising prosperity approx. 50 million tons of electronic scrap result meanwhile worldwide - trend further rising.

Electronic scrap contains many valuable materials, but also dangerous. The Gördes Recycling GmbH recycles after the ecologically friendly principle: Reusing before recycling before removal.

We sort out the usable devices from the mixed electric scrap and market them, win back the usable materials in high quality from the remaining devices and decontaminate the not usable, dangerous rubbish in an ecologically way. With a recycling quotation (material utilisation + re-use) of about 93% in the last year and 94% this year we surpass the least rate given by the EU of 75% clearly.

Here is short selection of the electronic scraps in which we are interested in:

Circuit Boards


The classification depends on the number of the ICs/chips, gilded plug strips and the number and size of other components, e.g. capacitors or transformers. Here is a short decription which helps with distinction.

Circuit boards category 1a and 1b Circuit boards category 2 Circuit boards category 3


Copper cable

The price depeds on the proportion of copper. The cables should be free of plugs.


Copper cable category 1 Copper cable category 2


Voltage converters with copper reels or aluminium reels are to be understood by transformers without case.

Transformers large Transformers small

Power supply units

They mostly come from computers or electronics devices.

Power supply units




For example, CD disk drives, DVD disk drives or floppy disk drives




Hard disk drives

As a certificated disposal field company the Gördes Recycling GmbH takes over the responsibility for the destruction appropriate for data protection or disposal accordingly of the legal default by the data protection act.


Hard disk drives


Switches and relays






Switches and relays



Aluminium Fans


With fans it concerns the ventilating fans which are used for cooling by electronic devices.






Gilded or silvered





One distinguishes the different variations from processors, e.g.

- Ceramic-Goldcap

- Ceramic CPUs (e.g. Pentium 1)

- Platisc green/brown with or without copper lid

- Plastic black




Computer scrap


This includes:

unrobbed computers and peripherals, for example printers, keyboards, mouses, fax or hones. Nevertheless, screens do not belong to this group and must be seperated.

Computers Peripherals

Control systems




Control systems


Silicon wafers



Silicon wafer




Other scraps on request!!!